Shipwright Healthcare Group

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Shipwright has been a valued partner. We engaged Shipwright to help evaluate our market position and strategy with the payers. They helped us to compile a white paper, develop a payer value proposition and strategy while facilitating meaningful payer dialogue. Their insight helped us to engage clinical teams and become a value added provider with the health plans.
~ H.C., VP of Sales 


After a couple years with minimal success securing managed care coverage we began our engagement with Shipwright. Their impact to our business from the outset was refreshing with almost immediate progress, as we were able to secure several in-network contractual payer relationships where none previously existed. Shipwright’s experience helped us change our strategy and guided us through various challenges which reduced timelines and maximized results. Our company is positioned for potential future market shifts that include a national vision advancing our reach even further. Shipwright has been a valuable partner allowing our company to grow faster, stronger, and with more confidence.
~ F.F., COO. 

We were in need of a strategic partner to assess the US commercial payer landscape and provide reimbursement intelligence for our market. Shipwright kept us apprised and informed of these items, along with advising of many barriers to entry and competitive intel, where market access is concerned. Without the guidance of Shipwright, our business and our reimbursement would have been at risk.
~ T.W., CEO


We enlisted Shipwright during the prelaunch phase of market introduction in an effort to gauge the payer landscape for our pre-commercial diagnostic technology. Shipwright knows how to assess the market plus engage with potential payers so we could build a cohesive 3rd party go-to market strategy. Their industry knowledge also proved invaluable during a due diligence undertaking, as they confidently detailed our company’s reimbursement strategy and vision. Shipwright is a trusted partner.
~R.S., VP Commercial Operations